What more can you do with your data?
Zibaba’s Social and Mobile Ad Platform helps you get better results with your data and 3rd party data. Easily reach your offline and online customers with a personalized message to re-engage them with your brand, and precisely target new local customers to increase conversions.


Leverage your CRM or Call Center data to retarget your offline customers and re-engage them. Make better impressions by delivering relevant ads based on unlimited segmentation such as age, gender, past inquiries etc.

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ONLINE RETARGETING – Facebook, Instegram, In-APP

Get more customers, for less! Zibaba’s powerful advertising platform is the easiest way to retarget previous website visitors, find existing customers on Facebook, and target new customers in your local area.

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E-Commerce – Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads helps you automatically promote relevant products to shoppers browsing your catalogue on your website or mobile app. Increase conversions and ROI by continually reaching people with the right product at the right time.

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Social Marketing

Build a brand experience that cannot be missed by your fans and followers. Improve engagement and conversions with automated social marketing campaigns that drive results.

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